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The Dominican Republic

Make this beautiful Caribbean island your home away from home or leave winter behind forever. Paradise awaits you in the tropics.






When Christopher Columbus spotted this serene and peaceful coral rimmed island in 1492, he declared, “This is the fairest land under heaven.” He also called it “a natural wonder.”

Situated on the island of Hispaniola, and sharing a border with Haiti, the Dominican Republic occupies about two thirds of the island, with a land mass of about 48,734 square kilometers and a population of around 9.7 million.

The DR has a dynamic land mass consisting of high mountains, fertile valleys and plains, an amazing diversity of ecosystems and some of the largest stretches of undeveloped and pristine beach coastline than anywhere in the Caribbean.

Although the official language is Spanish, in most tourist destinations you will find many people who also speak English and are very helpful. The north coast of the DR, for example, has a very large expatriate community with many foreigners living here full-time or coming for the winter months. Locals, for the most part are friendly, relaxed and happy.

Politically, the DR has one of the most solid democracies in Latin America, with presidential elections occurring very four years. It also has one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean and is fast becoming one of the most desirable sun and fun travel destinations in the world. It is also one of the least expensive islands in the Caribbean when it comes to cost of living and real estate.

The country has an excellent infrastructure with good quality roads, high quality schools, universities, doctors, hospitals, supermarkets and much more.

Every day direct flights from around the world arrive at the International airport of Peurto Plata and Westjet runs regular charters and other scheduled flights to and from this island.

All of the properties featured here are on the north shore of the island, close to or in destinations like Cabarette, Sosua, Peurto Plata, or Costambar. However, our reliable and experienced realtors can help you with real estate anywhere in the DR.

The north shore of the DR offers a wide range of leisure activities including swimming with dolphins at ocean world, kart track, cable car, world class golf course, tennis, diving, surfing, kite surfing, horseback riding, excellent rates on motorcycle and car rentals. Organized tours and excursions abound including hiking, white water rafting, museums and rum factory tours. In many communities, if you like the action of the night life, it starts early and continues well into the night. As well, the DR is just a great place to relax and slow down your life to a peaceful, tranquil and enjoyable pace.

The recent recession has put a strain on the economy here and real estate prices have dropped significantly. Whether you are considering retiring, exploring vacation possibilities, or simply want an option to long, cold winters, this affordable Caribbean island is currently a buyer’s market.

The deals are here and the sellers are motivated. With condos starting at around US $40000 and detached homes in gated communities starting at US $100000, the timing has never been better to secure an investment in your future.

With our knowledge of the laws and regulations in the DR, we will insure you buy the best deal possible and guarantee you get a clean title and enjoyable experience. We will take care of all the details, down to picking you up at the airport and booking comfortable and inexpensive accommodations for you if necessary.

Come and enjoy your island paradise now, while the time to buy is absolutely perfect.