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Here we are in 2011 and analysts have noticed a distinct rise in real estate activity levels. According to a recent RBC report, consumer spending in the US is on the rise, an indicator that the worst of the recession is behind us.

According to a recent Royal Lepage economic report, real estate prices in Canada are expected to rise this year by about 3 per cent. The report indicated that many buyers are entering the market now as they understand that historically low interest rates will not stay that way forever.

On the Calgary front, I see many very well priced homes on the market and have noticed a big increase in market activity over the last couple of months.

The message here; if you want to buy now is an excellent time to enter the market. With home prices much more affordable now than two years ago, and with excellent mortgage rates available, it's a great time to start thinking about real estate.

For investors, real estate investments are cash flowing much better than they have in the past and the rental market is still healthy enough to attract good tenants.

Happy New Year and best of luck in 2011.

posted in News at Mon, 10 Jan 2011 11:31:52 -0700

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